Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

We have Christmas gift ideas for dad. For Christmas, it is always very difficult to choose nice and trendy gifts, especially for your dad. He does not usually know much about what he needs or does not need. The best idea is to surprise him with a traditional gift.  

Christmas is a day of joy and peace in everyone's heart. The goal will be to sublimate your message through quirky gifts, simple and original found on our ethnic store. Discover now the amazing selection and that will be very fun!

What are the best Christmas gift ideas for dad?

Here are more details of the best Christmas gift ideas for dad, ideas always original...  

Ancient African Posters

Beautiful posters, with this modern style you can decorate your home with totems of African inspiration. What beautify your apartment or house. Explore African trends on unusual trendy and enjoy our free shipping. SHOP NOW

Qin Terracotta Army Warriors

These legendary warriors will be your secret weapon. The famous terracotta statues are a beautiful idea of decoration, your father will be very happy. It is possible to put them on a desk or in his room. SHOP NOW

Chinese feng shui zodiac

The years pass but the style remains. Try to offer him a nice feng shui plate with the signs of the Chinese zodiac! It is the perfect Christmas gift for family fathers and an element of original decoration. SHOP NOW

Meditation Buddha Statue

A statue of Buddha, one more. But not just any, in an atypical style of mediation, you will be immersed in the Buddhist universe in an instant. The ideal gift for dads who are a fan of the Buddhist universe. SHOP NOW

Pendant feng shui

A zen and purified pendant that will delight the most elegant of us. Men want simple things, no frills! Offer this beautiful feng shui necklace to your father, you will see...SHOP NOW

Taj Mahal 3D model DIY

A historical monument, a real architectural work of art at a low price. A nice gift idea for your dad, you'll see he'll love it! The taj mahal is famous around the world, you can not go wrong with this lego to build yourself. SHOP NOW

Egyptian Pen Holder

A father must always put his pencils and pens somewhere...We have the idea that you need. A nice pen holder, storage in an antique Egyptian pen. If he is keen on Egypt, this is the real favorite idea! SHOP NOW

Pure silk Turkish carpet

A rug in the purest Turkish tradition, a beautiful handmade Turkish carpet. A work of art in itself and unique. SHOP NOW

Natural feathers

Eagle Feathers and the Sacred Meaning to Lakota People The eagle is a winged symbol for the Lakota people. It is the strongest and bravest of all birds. For this reason, the eagle and its feathers have been chosen to symbolize what is highest bravest strongest holiest. A great gift idea for daddy! SHOP NOW

Roman Crown

Crowns and wreaths were awarded by the Romans as decorations for valour, and in the republic, the nature of the achievement dictated the type of award, the most distinguished being the corona obsidionalis or graminea, a crown of grass granted to a man who raised a siege. A great Christmas gift. SHOP NOW

Vintage Travel Scratch Map

Scratch the destinations you have visited to gradually reveal the beautifully designed and current world map below. This giant-sized world map is a unique and great gift for travel enthusiasts as it allows them to personalize this giant poster to materialize the unique adventure of their lives. SHOP NOW

Leather watch

A watch is beautiful and it decorates the arm. But not only! It is a trendy tool that will enhance the look of your father! A transparent skeleton watch, a real wonder! The perfect gift idea for Christmas. SHOP NOW

Wooden watches

A bamboo watch, simple, trendy, beautiful to wear for everyday life. it is a nice Christmas gift for lovers of authenticity. SHOP NOW

Bawu Black Bamboo

To be original, why not offer him a beautiful Asian flute? If he is made of Asia and travels, a musician who knows. This could be the gift that will really make him happy. SHOP NOW

Vintage Mahjong

A board game to play with your family, why not! Your father could be a fan of board games and you did not even know it. Originally from Asia, it's the ultimate Christmas party and end-of-year gift. SHOP NOW

Some suggestions to complete your dad's Christmas gift

Your dad will be happy, that's it. Do not forget to compliment him on his outfit, his hairstyle and of course, stay yourself! Hoping that you have enjoyed browsing these various Christmas gift ideas for dad and unique things.

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How do I buy Christmas gift for my dad?  

On our ethnic shop, everything is very easy. Once you have chosen a Christmas present, click add to cart. We offer free shipping. Ready to make your dad happy and please him with the best gifts for husband

See you soon on Unusual Trendy.

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