african masks gold resin trendy wall hanging decoration


Try these African masks in beautiful gold color. Choose your favorite, it is the perfect unusual gift idea as a for home decoration.

  • Style : New Classical / Post-modern
  • Material: Resin
  • Package Weight : 1.2kg ( 2.65lb )
  • Package Size : 45cm x 30cm x 10cm (17.72in x 11.81in x 3.94in)
  • Culture & Tradition: Africa ( More ideas on our African Shop )
  • Delivery: Epacket ( Pretty well-packaged cardboard )


They are both ideas and forms. The artistry of African masks is self-evident but, for the people who create them, they have a much more profound meaning than covering beauty. In general, the mask form is a physical mechanism to initiate transformation whereby the wearer decides on a new entity, allowing him to have an influence on the spirits to whom he is appealing to or offering thanks. The Western viewer is often caught off guard by the emotions that a mask can evoke.

Our intrigue can quickly be transformed into a powerful connection not often experienced in our frequently disassociated worlds. They, therefore, yield some notion of power which the viewer can be attracted to or repelled by. This too is despite the fact that often the observer is studying the mask out of context and without its accompanying African costumes or props.

Something mystical is transferred by the nature of its function. The traditional African mask is worn during celebrations, dances and celebrations and ritual ceremonies commemorating social and religious events. They play a very significant spiritual and functional role in the community and often there is no distinction between social entertainment and ritual celebration

Before / After buying our African masks, if you have the moment, go check out our informative videos, always below the brief history of the tradition.