African primitive masks style animals

  • Material: Resin
  • Theme: Animal
  • A : 26.5*10*5.3cm
  • B: 30*10.3*4.9cm
  • C: 26.8*10.7*5cm
  • material: eco-friendly resin
  • Culture & Tradition: Africa ( More ideas on our African Shop )
  • Delivery: Epacket ( Pretty well-packaged cardboard ) 

African Masks History

It is believed that the earliest masks were used in Africa before the Paleolithic era. They describe spirits of animals or ancestors, mythological heroes, moral values or a form of honouring of a person in a symbolic way. They are built from wood, pottery, textiles, copper, and bronze.

Mask is worn by a dancer that then becomes “bearer” of the spirit of the mask, a sort of a medium between the tribe and a spirit. This trance-like state is accomplished with specific music and dance. Ceremonies as weddings, initiation rites and funerals have a masked dance.

These African primitive masks, resin masks are perfect for recalling the exotic spirit of wildlands. An essential element in our modern lives to remind us that nature is wonderful. Free shipping worldwide!