Rattan Round Gyspsy Crossbody Bag

  • Shape: Round
  • Plant Fiber Type: Rattan
  • Material: Plant Fiber
  • One of the most beautiful and best crossbody bags 2019
  • Delivery: Epacket ( Pretty well-packaged cardboard ) 
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Boho chic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. "BoHo" is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, self-descriptive of the style.

In fact, most of the components of boho had, in one way or another, drifted in and out of fashion since the "Summer of Love" of 1967 when hippiedom and psychedelia were at their peak. Today, boho influences are most often worked into a look with other trends as well, rather than wearing the trend from head-to-toe.