Ancient Chinese cloisonne

  • Style: Traditional Chinese
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 22.5x15x16 cm
  • Weight: about 920g
  • Culture: Asia ( See more on our Asian shop )
  • Delivery: Epacket ( Pretty well-packaged cardboard )


Chinese cloisonné enamelware is made by embedding small pieces of material such as flecks of gold or powdered mineral in enamel. Enamel is a layer of glass melted onto a surface.

Craftsmen may apply many thin layers of enamel with embedded material firing (heating) each layer to coat an object. If the process is done well, the result can be a strikingly colorful and even sparkling hard surface with translucent depth that looks unusual compared to simple painted ceramics or lacquer ware.

Initially, craftspeople in the Ming Empire mainly created cloisonné artwork on metal objects such as brass or bronze vases, kettles, or other objects. But they also innovated beautiful cloisonné artwork on porcelain vessels.