Quick kebab maker and brochettes machine


  • Material: Plastic
  • Feature: Easily Cleaned
  • Try this quick kebab maker!
  • Delivery: Epacket ( Pretty well-packaged cardboard ) 
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The history of the kebab traces back to myriads of both Asian and African cuisines. The word kebab means ‘to roast’. The name can also be referred to as a meat patty mixed with spices.

In Asian countries, kebabs are served mostly with rice and salad, however, it is now served in different forms with bread as well. With the passage of time, kebabs have managed to find a very significant place in modern-day cuisine.

Kebabs are recognised to have originated in Turkey when soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open-field fires. The name was firstly discovered in a Turkish script of Kyssa-i Yusuf in 1377, which is the oldest known reference where kebab is stated as a food item.