Moroccan Decor Tapestry Floral Patchwork

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Morocco's textile heritage is long-reaching, dating back hundreds of years. African Berbers had their own forms of textiles, which over time were heavily influenced by Islamic Arab culture and later by Jewish and European styles and techniques. Traditionally, textiles have been an art reserved for women, especially those of wealthy families. Young women would be taught this art form very early in life and would continually practice. Across history, control over this important industry actually gave women a degree of economic and social power, something they were often otherwise denied. 

A beautiful mosaic of oriental style that can give an exotic touch. This floral patchwork to help you in everyday life remind you of these moments of sweetness. Free shipping worldwide.  

Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Printed
Cleaning Type: Hand Wash,Machine Washable
Design: DIY

Culture : Middle East


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