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Unusual Trendy was created by Stéphane BERNARD to bring the values ​​of humanity and respect into the homes of everyone.

My missions

As a self-taught ethnologist, I am passionate about cultures, including traditions around the world.  

My role is to identify the various attributes of each civilization and to highlight them. Whether through musical instruments, religious objects or oral cultures, traditions are still present in our daily lives.  

For some traditions, especially Western culture, the elements of identification are so entrenched that they almost do not exist anymore. Surely from work factor, which itself is one of the oldest traditions, after the hunter-gatherers.  

My missions have several concrete and abstract objectives:

  • One mission to make sense of the objects of our daily life, to know their value and not to abuse stereotypes related to certain precepts and dictates.
  • One mission to transmit knowledge, an inheritance of a specific culture so that it can survive from different eras, especially those most troubled.
  • One mission of recognition, witness of a past, but this one can be revealed again and again in order to bring wisdom and clairvoyance to the people of the world. They themselves come from a common trunk and different strains. We will try to bring comfort to these different strains to make them live or relive for some. 

Perpetuate traditions

For some cultures, transmissions are complex and we have very little left. But nevertheless, we can always make this bit last.

Gradually, the site will be fed by new traditional objects, new ideas so that they remain in their ideals but also I like being able to bring a little joy in the cottages of everyone.

Through different continents such as Asia, Africa, West, Amerindians, Middle East or India, I would then try to find tribes, more specific ethnic groups to transmit certain values.

" Thank you for reading me and enjoy your ideal, with ease." Stéphane BERNARD

“If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.” Zimbabwe proverb

Support to the children of the world

The concept of Unusual Trendy is unique, that's why for every order, we donate 1% to a useful association such as UNICEF for example. By buying unique gifts on the site, you contribute to the happiness of certain populations in difficulty, especially children.